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Introducing Author Sandra Boykin










Sandra Boykin is a native of Baltimore, Maryland, but she and her family have found their new home in North Carolina. She is a devoted mother of two and has one grandchild that she loves dearly. She is a Trained Peer Counselor, Mentor, and Motivational Speaker. She believes that God has charged her with the task of reaching out to lost souls and bringing them back in accordance to His plan and will for their lives, and she accepts this challenge both eagerly and willingly.


Sandra is currently working on the sequel, The Table’s EDGE-2, a theatrical play, “Love Thy Neighbor”, and her next fiction novel, “In the Absence of Man”.

 In addition to her family and professional life Sandra serves with great dedication at her church Mt. Level Missionary Baptist Church under the leadership of Dr. Turner and she is actively involved in Outreach Ministry.